Why to Learn R for Data Science?

Python and R programming language are two most popular languages for Data Science . Python has bee used to develop all kinds of applications not just limited to data science. I have been using python from long time to build data products.

R is the programming language for statistics and data science. And because it’s specific to data science, it makes sense to think about learning R.

And most developers often ask I know python, should I also learn R?

Or maybe you are a manager who deals with data, and you finding it difficult to play with Data. And you ask What programming language is best for me?

Here is what I want you to know:

R is the language for anyone who want to play with Data. No matter who you are, a developer, a manager or an executive, you can play with data using R without much effort, Without much knowledge of development heavy programming. R can be common language for everyone in your organization. Irrespective of your role you can crawl, parse, gather, store, develop insights and stories from data easily. You can do it on your own preety much every thing without being a developer.

You can learn R in less time than the time you are going to spend thinking whether to learn R or not. Go learn R and thank me later once you finish the course in a weekend.

It’s that simple. All the best

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