Why do you do what you do?

Why do you want this job?

Why did you choose to work in technology?

Why did you choose to build this product?

Why did you choose to start a startup?

We all get asked these questions time to time, sometimes it’s someone else who is asking the question to you, sometimes it’s just you asking yourself. These are some different ways of asking the same fundamental question “Why do you do what you do?”.

To answer this you may say it makes me good money. You are right. Money makes life easier. It’s really important to earn enough to live a good life and to take care of yourself and your family. It’s obvious that health and money is our top priority. And if you observe the problems in society, majority are because of lack of money at the moment.

But my friend,

Money is the by product of value creation.

You don’t print money, you do something of value, you solve some problem, you sell something of value that makes you money.

So now the question becomes why did you choose this particular way of making money? There are thousands of other ways of making money, why this one?

Some may feel I don’t have any choice except this job. Maybe you are having hard times. It’s perfectly ok to take a job for this reason, go for it, it’s really important to have a sustainable income. It’s true at the moment but not forever. When your urgency is satisfied, then you will ask yourself the fundamental “Why” question.

Because the deep fundamental needs are different than just making money. The answer are beyond making money. Mostly the answer lies in your childhood.

1. Who was your inspiration?

Ask yourself Who inspired you in the first place? Who inspired you to choose the path you are on today? Who was that person?

It all begins with an inspiration, with an example.

I was deeply inspired by Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam and Kalpana Chawla. It was that inspiration that got me interested to make a career in technology.

This is when you start to identify yourself with the person who inspired you. That’s when the desire to do something significant starts. It maybe that you were inspired by people in science and technology, making new research, creating new technology, building new things.

2. Do you enjoy the creation process?

Inspiration gets you started, Then it’s up to you, do you enjoy making new things. With technology we can design and create new things, can solve problems, can build new helpful products, even create new technology.

You know about industrial revolution by steam engine, electricity, electronics and information technology, and now artificial intelligence and blockchain, these innovations have changed the way we live, work and socialize.

Technology gives us the power to design and create the future we want.

Now it’s your choice what you do with it.

If you still have that inspiration that got you started and if you enjoy the creation process, you will really enjoy what you do and you will do something significant.

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