How sexy is Data Scientist?

How Sexy is Data Scientist
How Sexy is Data Scientist

You might have read “Data Scientist – The sexiest job of the 21st century” written by HBR in 2012.
It’s a job that is in demand, lots of opportunities, lots of things to do and lots of money to be made for entrepreneurs and higher salaries for data scientists.
But how sexy it is in life, other than money and being in demand? Are you born to be a data scientist? Are you defined by data science?

Let’s say you are a data scientist or an aspiring data scientist. Where do you spend most of your time, energy and effort? Probably doing the work, learning the new skills, staying updated with industry. Competing hard for your career. And it all eats up majority of your time. And slowly you just become your work.

You start identifying yourself with your work. Most people start identifying themselves with just their job title. You have become just a data scientist. Congratulations, you are a data scientist. Nothing more. You are a valuable resource in industry. Now in the constantly changing industry you have to strive to stay relevant. So you put more time and effort to stay in lead position.

Here is the thing – Life isn’t technical. And if all you do is your job, you are nothing but equivalent to a robot in near future.

Now here is my question – Let me take “data science” out of you, who are you now?

Doing important things all the time will make you dead serious. Have friends, have fun, have hobbies, play games, read something different, do something which makes you feel alive and you can still work as a data scientist but this way you are not defined by data science.

All the best.

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