Best Way To Learn Data Science

How to learn data Science

You want to learn data science. You go online, search for data science and you find there are thousands of courses and millions of articles on data science, machine learning, deep learning, reinforcement learning, statistics, math and probability theory, NLP, computer vision, recommender systems and application specific like self driving cars, drones, IOT and so on. How do you learn data science?

There is so much information, people keep sharing the same concept in different ways. Thousands of people write thousands of articles on one topic. This is what the crowd is doing. Think about do you really need to read thousands of articles to understand a concept or a topic. You are consuming lots of information but learning very little. Most of the articles are waste of your time, effort and energy. You should avoid this massive information trap.

Remember Consumption does not mean Learning.

Now if you are a beginner, here is my advice to get you started in data science. You don’t need to know everything before you start. Either go for masters in data science or take an online specialization course in data science from Coursera, Udacity or DataCamp. These are some of best platforms to learn data science.

By Taking a specialization you will learn in a structured way, all the fundamentals concepts cleared and you will also be practicing what you learn as these platforms have inbuilt practice assignments and course projects. There are many more benefits and we don’t really need that much information to decide here.

Take a specialization course and finish it.

So go ahead. Take a specialization and finish it. You will know if you need to learn more, take another specialization and finish it. Then put it at work, read research papers, maybe you will lead the data science itself.

Yes, not everyone will agree with me. Choice is yours, this is my advice from experience. All the best.

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